N.Y. Stories

September 5, 1991
Jeanfrançois Prins Quintet
GAM Records
Producer: Jeanfrançois Prins
Number of discs: 1

Jeanfrançois Prins guitar, compositions/arrangements, Erwin Vann tenor sax, soprano sax, Nathalie Loriers piano, Jean-Louis Baudoin bass, Félix Simtaine drums

Belgium has always produced its “quota” of good musicians. The present generation (less than 30 years old – sometimes 25…) is overdoing it!
On each instrument, in each discipline, there are reasons to be proud.
“N.Y. Stories is a good example thereof.
Supported by two seasoned players: Jean-Louis Baudoin and Félix Simtaine, both enforcing order and allergic to “fiddling around”, Nathalie, Erwin and Jeanfrançois present a solid menu, from Monk to Wayne Shorter (one will notice by the way the eternal freshness of Monk’s themes).
Jeanfrançois, who cuts here his first CD, is a JAZZ guitarist, thoroughly bred from the right sources. He already has a very personal sound and picking style.
JF, we are expecting a lot from you! (and your partners…)
Toots Thielemans