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Banner photographers : Roger Van Tilt, Neda Navaee, Marcel van den Broeck, Jos Knaepen, Jean-Luc Goffinet, Annika Ernst, …

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I am a guitarist, and yes, I do sing as well. Jazz is my main language, but I am also involved in many projects in other styles, such as Brazilian music, Soul, R’nB, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, World Music, and Classical music.
Sharing meaningful and beautiful music with my band mates and the audience is my deepest joy, and that’s what I have been fortunate to be doing all over the world.
I lead my own bands, and also travel as a guest soloist.
Have me perform at your concert hall, club, theater, private or corporate event. My music speaks for itself, but if you have a special concept, or need one for a particular event, I will create a tailor-made program of music and artists to fit what you have in mind.
Let’s talk!


I have produced a whole array of projects, in many different styles but my main focuses are staying true to the artist’s voice, and presenting it in its most powerful expression. The real secret is: always being at the service of the music.

  • Pop, Soul, R’nB, World Music, Jazz, Classical, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, …?
  •  Are you an artist who needs a professional producer to supervise your next production, to put the band together, to direct the studio sessions, to give each of your tunes the unique treatment it deserves, or all of the above?…
  • Are you a label and want to get a new, fresh direction for one of your strong artists, to start a different approach for your next productions, to use all your own strengths and spice them up with the special touch of someone who looks at music from several different angles?
    Then, let’s talk!

I love teaching! I have been teaching jazz guitar, jazz history classes, ensembles, practical ear-training classes, choirs, big band, etc. in universities, as well as in workshop/master-class formats across theworld. I have also been giving private lessons for guitar, vocals, and many other instruments for over 30 years.
Do you want private lessons, a master-class at your venue/school, a series of illustrated talks for a precisely targeted group, …?
Let’s talk!