My Voice is My Plea

May 4, 2018
Maria Palatine
GAM Records
Producer: Jeanfrançois Prins & Maria Palatine
Number of discs: 1

Maria Palatine vocals, harp, piano, Jeanfrançois Prins guitars, producer, keyboards, drums programming, backing vocals, Anne-Sophie Prins backing vocals, keyboards, Stefan Engelmann electric bass, André Klenes acoustic bass, Bodek Janke percussion, Richard Rousselet flugelhorn, Sébastien Walnier cello, Vardan Hovanissian duduk, Stéphane Mercier alto sax, percussion, Charles-Henry Boland direction of Harp Center Choir

Welcome to Maria Palatine’s unique musical universe, where her crystal clear voice and virtuoso harp playing are the paint brushes she uses effortlessly to convey her take on our world, its utter beauty and desolation, where humans experience extreme joys and heartbreaking pains, and where her love for mother earth is shared by her: a strong voice of 21st century womankind – without compromise or corruption. Like her music: pure and universal.

“My Voice is My Plea is somewhere between jazz, Chamber music, Peter Gabriel, and Sting!” – Bastien Gilson, sound engineer