Avant un Rêve

March 15, 2018
GAM Records
Producer: Jeanfrançois Prins
Number of discs: 1

Charles Loos piano, compositions, Jeanfrançois Prins guitar, compositions, Sébastien Walnier cello

Three stellar Belgian musicians from both the jazz and classical scene form this unique “chamber jazz” constellation (piano, guitar, and cello), to offer us an original repertoire full of heart-stirring melodies, entrancing soundscapes, and interactive and highly dynamic improvisations.

“…journeying from introspective to extroverted, from high-flying to deeply rooted, but always searching for melodic and harmonic beauty. This is a beautiful trip, in mutual respect, complicity, lyricism, and sometimes with a hint of mystery.”
Michel Herr pianist, composer, arranger